HippoTherapy Helps Launches HippoTherapy Hub- A Brand New Resource for Equine Therapy

We are laser focused on helping more people with disabilities access the benefits of equine therapy, and are proud and excited to announce the launch of Hippotherapy Hub, an online hub that connects people looking for equine therapy with providers and other valuable resources.

Hippotherapy uses horses for therapies and treatments, providing an effective, non-traditional option for reaching therapy goals. Directed by a licensed therapist, horse handler, and trained therapy horse, hippotherapy has been shown to bring life-changing results, particularly to people with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, and PTSD.


In addition to improving balance, strength, language, and sensory regulation, the emotional bond and gentle connection that takes place between riders and their horses can lead to continued growth and healing.

HippoTherapy Hub is an online hub for all things equine therapy and, with the help of our 501c3 non profit parent organization, HippoTherapy Helps, also provides funding allowing participants to access ongoing  therapeutic treatment.  At HippoTherapy Helps, bringing hippotherapy to all who need it is the goal.


Our online community highlights multiple nationwide equine therapy programs and events by zip code, making it simple to locate providers in your area. Our Hippotherapy House campus will include several state-of-the-art assisted-living homes for adults with autism, recreational facilities, and access to a full-time equine-therapeutic riding program.


With our supportive online community hub and upcoming ASD adult assisted living campus, HippoTherapy Helps is creating a place that centers around the healing of the whole being.

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