We are planning our inaugural adult autism residential assisted living campus nestled in a beautiful serene landscape of Virginia, complete with a state of the art indoor and outdoor therapeutic riding arena.  The campus will offer state of the art, modern, chic,  multifamily units for adults on the autism spectrum to call their forever homes when their loved ones are gone.  These luxury units will be serviced around the clock by a team of service providers including licensed therapists and aides, domestic services, and more.  The campus facilities will also include a state of the art fitness and aquatics center as well as opportunities for community congregation ensuring that residents have a full life full of happiness for the duration of their adult lives.  


Many parents of autistic kids seldom think about plans for their adult child’s forever home, or the continuity of care plans for when they are gone.  Moreover, even for those that are thinking about the future,  the exorbitant costs of 24/7 care and the operational logistics of when they are gone can be a daunting task to manage and organize. 


The Hippotherapy House campus in VA will be our first adult ASD residential and therapeutic equine facility and we hope to expand to serve more families, helping to foster a forever home for others nationwide.

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