You are not alone.  As the number of people with autism continues to rise, the thought of a succession plan of sorts has continued to occupy the minds of  parents and caregivers.  Some children are able to mainstream and live alone but countless others will always need adult supervision no matter how much progress they make and the thought of their care after a loved one’s death is enough to keep a great parent up at night.  


Many parents do not have adequate funds to provide cushy special needs trust to ensure their child’s continuity of care.  Others do not want their child shoved in front of a television or overmedicated in a nursing home to manage them and are scared their child won’t receive the love and attention to their special needs that they gave them in life.  This concern is exacerbated by social service programs shutting their doors and funding for people with autism or other special needs does not address thuis very real problem. 

Hippotherapy House was born out of a parent’s similar concerns about their nonverbal autistic child and what would happen to her once the parent’s died.  In planning to build a personal forever home, the concept of a campus for other disabled adults who were similarly situated was born.  The inaugural Hippotherapy House will be a 50 acre campus where autistic adults who cannot live alone, will continue receiving  the same level of care, community engagement, activity, and love they did prior to their loss.  


The luxury home will be staffed by licensed therapists, security, housekeeping, and push in wrap around services will be supported in this assisted living campus environment.  This forever home will serve as the final home for our residents and our community will become the family they lost to ensure the rest of their lives is enjoyable and fruitful as their loved ones envisioned.  While we are raising funds to launch our first facility, we hope to duplicate the model and replicate the model nationwide to support our target audience where they live. 

The cost to build such an illustrious campus is herculean enough  but that coupled with the costs of maintaining the facility once it is built and running can be daunting for any endeavor and is only complicated by our desire to provide this service and benefit regardless of a person’s ability to pay.  That’s why we need you!


In addition to you helping us create a one-of-a-kind assisted living facility where adults with ASD can live and work in the heart of our equine therapy farm, you are helping to facilitate a unique opportunity for them to give back and maintain a measure of independence. You can be an integral part ensuring that an autistic adult is not homeless or in jail because they have nowhere to go and no one cares or knows about their challenges now that their parents aren’t there to look after them.

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