Autistic Children Grow Into Autistic Adults

Most autistic adults live with parents or family members if they are lucky, but many more end up on the street with nowhere to go and no one to care for them

Homelessness among adults on the autism spectrum continues to rage on and many of these people end up incarcerated or worse when they don’t have money or a network to sustain them.   This is why we are committed to building Hippotherapy House, a complete assisted living facility for people on the autism spectrum to thrive and live long after their familial bonds have faded.  The number of people on skid row who claim to be autsitc is alarming and the lack of response to their housing needs even more so.

Co-Housing is not a new concept or the joining of living quarters among people with a common goal or ideology, however there are not many affordable living facilities focused on people living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The few forever homes that exist are personal projects amongst friends with means, or for those who plan to leave all of their resources to their autistic loved one and hope for the best.  We strongly believe that this type of housing is critical and we are stepping up to the challenge to bring these homes to fruition and provide an alternative to homelessness for all who seek it.   The number of children diagnosed with autism daily is a precursor to the needs of those children as they transition into adulthood. 

Hippotherapy House was born out of a parent’s similar concerns about their nonverbal autistic child and what would happen to her once the parent’s died.

The inaugural Hippotherapy House will be a 50 acre campus where autistic adults who cannot live alone, will continue receiving  the same level of care, community engagement, activity, and love they did prior to their loss.  The luxury home will be staffed by licensed therapists, security, housekeeping, and push in wrap around services will be supported in this assisted living campus environment. 


This forever home will serve as the final home for our residents and our community will become the family they lost to ensure the rest of their lives is enjoyable and fruitful as their loved ones envisioned.  While we are raising funds to launch our first facility, we hope to duplicate the model and replicate the model nationwide to support our target audience where they live.

That’s why we need you

In addition to you helping us create a one-of-a-kind assisted living facility where adults with ASD can live and work in the heart of our equine therapy farm, you are helping to facilitate a unique opportunity for them to give back and maintain a measure of independence.


You can be an integral part ensuring that an autistic adult is not homeless or in jail because they have nowhere to go and no one cares or knows about their challenges now that their parents aren’t there to look after them.

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