Donate to Hippotherapy House

One of HippoTherapy Helps’ most exciting programs is the HippoTherapy House. An autistic adult assisted living facility and home of our therapeutic equine riding, HippoTherapy House will be the heart of our community. When you donate to HippoTherapy House, you are becoming a part of our future. Help us

Sponsor a hippotherapy or therapeutic riding experience

Give to HippoTherapy Helps in order to sponsor our riders or a horse. Help us create and enact a treatment plan for those in need by funding their hippotherapy experience. When you sponsor a therapeutic riding experience, you are changing the life of someone in need. Follow my updates

Donate to Hippotherapy Helps

Its a test cause. HippoTherapy Helps offers a supportive hippotherapy community with events and interactions, as well as therapeutic riding scholarships. By donating to HippoTherapy Helps’ general fund, you are helping to propel our mission forward. With your support, we can continue growing the HippoTherapy Hub community both online