Long-Term Housing for Adults With Autism

Adult Autism Autism, also known as Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), is defined by the WHO as “a diverse group of conditions” marked by “some degree of difficulty with social interaction and communication,” as well as “atypical patterns of activities and behaviors.” The CDC estimates that there are 5,437,988 adults


What is Equine Assisted Therapy?

What is Equine Assisted Therapy? Did you know that owning or spending considerable amounts of time with animals can actually lead to less stress and a longer lifetime? While spending time with animals can be highly satisfying for everyone, it can be even more powerful for those dealing with


How Equine-Assisted Therapy Works :

For many years, the use of animals in everything from physical therapy to assisting with developmental disabilities has produced remarkable results. Animals with the capacity for empathy can sense threats within a person, and that can provide a calming influence. While many animals can provide this, horses have shown