Autism Awareness

Supporting Autism Awareness

Our Mission

1% of the world’s population is on the autism spectrum and the CDC estimates that this number will reach epidemic proportions in the next few years.

Over 75,000,000 people globally have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and autism prevalence has risen 200% over the past decade. The demand for traditional ABA therapies as well as supplemental services and programs continues to rise. Hippotherapy, or equine assisted therapy as it is commonly known, is an effective therapeutic tool for people with disabilities, specifically ASD however consistency and early intervention is key to success. It is simply not enough to do one therapeutic ride or hippotherapy session. Regular, ongoing treatment has proven to be effective in alleviating some of the challenges of autism including, stimming, sensory processing overload, overstimulation, as well as assisting those with physical impairments and challenges.

Ongoing Therapy Is A Must!

Ongoing therapy can be cost prohibitive as it is rarely covered by insurance which prevents people with ASD from accessing this therapy. We exist to ensure that every participant has the support to participate fully for the duration of their treatment program, regardless of their ability to pay. Our vision is a world where everyone on the spectrum can experience the benefits of equine assisted therapy.

Hippotherapy Helps is enhancing lives today and building a thriving positive community for tomorrow. We are dedicated to promoting support and solutions throughout the participant’s lifespan and forging a lifelong partnership between our community and it’s members. From the first ride or barn visit, to winning the first dressage competition, Hippotherapy Helps is there to support our community.

Your gift will make a meaningful, substantial, lasting impact for the 1 in 40 children and 1 in 43 adults on the autism spectrum.