Hippotherap Heals, Hippotherapy Helps...

We operate to change the life of people with special needs through hippotherapy!

HippoTherapy Helps is a 501c3 nonprofit charity providing an online hub for all things equine therapy and funding for participants and providers providing awareness and access to therapeutic treatment. Through the HippoTherapy House, HippoTherapy Helps will offer an adult autism assisted living facility nestled in a therapeutic equine community.


We Work to Educate, Inform, and Provide Access

The HippoTherapy Helps mission centers around promoting the benefits that equine therapy gives people with special needs, whether it’s autism, neurological disorders, physical therapy, mental health, and more. We believe in the natural, peaceful therapy of riding horses. 

 Horse therapy improves the balance, strength, language, and sensory regulation of those with autism and other, similar conditions. The emotional bond, nurturing, and gentle connection that takes place among riders of every type and their horses leads to continual growth and healing.

What We Do

At HippoTherapy Helps, we help lower the barrier to participation by providing information and contacts as well as funding scholarships to participate. In addition, we are building a residential campus and indoor stable and track for adults on the autism spectrum- a home for healing through horse therapy. With our supportive online community hub and our ASD adult assisted living campus, we are creating a place that centers around the healing of the whole being.

We have several ways that you can get involved in our therapeutic work to help those who need therapy and to support the community. As a 501c3 nonprofit charity, we rely on donations for much of our funding and welcome donations of any size. 


Find Your Tribe

Our online community, HippotherapyHub will help you find a program, peers, and information for your journey into

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Sponsor A Ride

Hippotherapy really does help but the cost of therapy can prevent people from trying this life changing therapy.  Most people think you have to be rich, or many disabled people with limited mobility think

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Donate to Hippotherapy House

We are super excited to be building an multi resident adult ASD residential living facility complete with indoor and outdoor horse rings and stables for our friends. Help us build this amazing “forever home”

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