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HippoTherapy Helps offers an online hub where you can locate equine therapy and rehabilitation treatments, as well as people who share your passion for horses and their rehabilitative benefits. With a supportive hippotherapy community and a planned assisted living facility for autistic adults, HippoTherapy Helps is a comprehensive resource for finding options and funding for your treatment, whether that be hippotherapy, therapeutic riding, or equine-assisted physical therapy. Providing everything from information for the novice to the champion disabled rider, HippoTherapy Hub is a fun, easy place to research, locate, and experience the remarkable benefits of equine therapy. 


Today, HippoTherapy Helps is happy to offer one of the largest and most engaged online communities where we are experiencing continued growth while providing assistance to those in need.  

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Dedicated to hippotherapy and it's therapeutic benefits.

We are dedicated to equine therapy and its amazing therapeutic benefits. Hippotherapy uses horses for therapies and treatments, providing an effective option for reaching therapy goals. Directed by a licensed therapist, horse handler, and trained therapy horse, hippotherapy has been shown to bring life-changing results, particularly to the autistic community.

At HippoTherapy Helps, bringing hippotherapy to all who need it is the goal. Our online community highlights multiple nationwide equine therapy programs and events by zip code, making it simple to locate providers in your area. Our Hippotherapy House campus will include several state of the art assisted-living homes, recreational facilities, and a full-time equine-therapeutic riding program.

Features of HippoTherapy Helps

Our community is built on the desire to help those in need. We aim to locate and pay for therapeutic treatment of every type. Hippotherapy is a quality treatment that helps those with autism, cerebral palsy, down syndrome, PTSD, and more, and we believe it shouldn’t be held back from those who need it.


Give Today & Change A Life

Equine therapy is life-changing. At HippoTherapy Helps, our mission is to make this gentle, affirming therapy available to all who need it.

You can help us accomplish this mission by giving today. 

Hippotherapy Heals 🙂

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Hippotherapy really does help but the cost of therapy can prevent people from trying this life

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We are super excited to be building an multi resident adult ASD residential living facility complete

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Our online community, HippotherapyHub will help you find a program, peers, and information for your journey

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Our team really needs volunteers. Those who are willing and have the desire to help those in need. If you are dedicated to hip